Powerlifting Equipment For Women

Powerlifting Gear & Equipment For Women

There is a lot of great gear and equipment out there for women in powerlifting … let’s go through them!

Singlets – when competing in a powerlifting event, you must wear a singlet or soft suit. If you are a member of a Federation, there may be different requirements for each Federation, so check on that! There are several brands on the market like Titan, Inzer and Lifting Large … plus more.

Jan Roesch 155kg Deadlift

Female Powerlifters wear a T-Shirt under their singlet when competing in any of the 3 disciplines, squat, bench press or deadlift. Always check the Federation Rules, as they may differ from one to another, i.e. some allow no T-Shirt for deadlift.

Underwear – when it comes to the knickers, you can wear a ‘standard athletic supporter’ or commercial briefs (not boxers or boy legs) of any mixture of cotton, nylon or polyester can be worn under your lifting suit. Women can also wear a commercial or sports bra … no underwire! You can’t wear swimmers made of ‘rubberized’ or similar stretch material except for the waistband. Any supportive undergarment is not legal in the IPF competition.

Socks – you can wear socks, in fact you must cover your shins to protect them while you deadlift! The bonus here is … they can be any colour and may also have the manufacturer’s logo … but they cannot be so long that they touch your singlet (soft suit), knee sleeves or knee cap supporter.

Lifting Belts – keep that back protected! You can wear a powerlifting belt; it has to be no more than 10cm wide and 13mm thick (along the main section of the belt). Wearing a belt gives your abs and core more stability; you can ‘breathe into it’.

Shoes – there are some awesome squat shoes (that can also be worn for the bench press) and deadlift shoes/boots or slippers around. Get yourself a good pair, coz you must wear them!

Knee Sleeves & Wrist Wraps  – the sport of powerlifting is tough on the body, so wear the gear that is permitted to look after your joints! Knee sleeves are usually worn for the Squat and wrist wraps can be worn for the Squat, Bench and Deadlift if you prefer.


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