Powerlifting For Women Over 40

Girls! Ladies! Women! Get inspired to start Powerlifting!

So many amazing benefits from Powerlifting For Women over the age of 40


Powerlifting is extremely beneficial for women over 40, any age in fact.

Women who powerlift, focus on strength & performance and it empowers them to rethink what was possible!

It helps to improve their body composition and increase Bone Mineral Density (BMD), and that is very important as we grow older.

It seems evident that muscle mass declines as we grow older, usually beginning around the age of 40. This rate of muscle loss catches up and even overtakes the rate of muscle gain, showing an increasing net deficit!

The more muscle we have to start with at this age, the better. The kind of muscle decline in a person who has a good amount of muscle mass fairs much better than a person who is already weaker due to lower muscle mass, for example, they will be more prone to falls, or may struggle with day to day tasks, even getting out of a chair!


There are a couple of things we can do to ensure we keep and increase our muscle mass, and that is Strength Training and Nutrition.

Strength Training for Women Over 40.

Working to a program that progressively increases the weights, where it builds muscle, helps keep or improve our stability so that we are surefooted, therefore preventing falls. Also keeping or making us strong enough to perform those day to day activities, like getting out of a chair!

It is also good to get out and soak up some Vitamin D from the sun and the beauty that surrounds us… I much prefer to go for a walk along the beach than walking on a treadmill.


chicken and salad meal

Nutrition for Women Over 40. Researchers say that insufficient protein, especially if there is also insufficient calories in general, can contribute to particular diseases.

There are formulas that suggest what calories; broken down into what Macro-nutrients you require each day.

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