Powerlifting Training For Women

Women’s Powerlifting; The Best Way To Get Started!

Whether you are a Beginner, Novice or Experienced Competitor in the sport of Powerlifting;

let’s talk Training!

When you begin the sport of powerlifting, it is important to learn correct technique. Even if you have been lifting weights for years, Powerlifting is different to other sports, so it’s like starting from the beginning. Powerlifting has definite, deliberate cues to follow, so that you reduce the risk of injury. Once you have this technique, you should add progressive overload, working to a program. Training and nutrition go hand in hand with powerlifting.

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Part of training for powerlifting is our mindset and having a great trainer and team behind us …

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Here are some links to some great programs, e-books and information!

Project Bubble Butt e-book, by Kim Stevenson









Besides being the Woman behind ‘Project Bubble Butt’, who is Kim Stevenson?

Elite Athlete, Australian Champion Powerlifter, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Life Coach & all round beautiful, strong woman!


Get Your Sexy Back e-book, by Kim Stevenson

Get Your Sexy Back Ebook

10 Steps To Bust Through Post-Comp Blues e-book, by Kim Stevenson