Women Who Bench!

Hani Watson Bench Press, Hani Watson Para Powerlifter, Hani Watson International Athlete

Powerlifting 4 Women is super proud to support this event …


This power-packed seminar is being held Saturday 5th Feb 2022

at JC Strength Training Facility, 286 Old Cleveland Road East Capalaba.

It will kick off at 10:00 am and run through to 12:00 pm, with tickets being $50 per person that can be purchased online here.

This is a step-by-step seminar, that is very much hands-on, that is for Coaches, Athletes, and everybody in between; as long as you have ‘under a barbell experience’, as this is definitely not for beginners! 

Women who bench 2022

What will be covered in this Women Who Bench Seminar?

Everything you need to build a bigger bench, to improve your bench form – from the bench warm-up – through the bench set-up – to the techniques of the press!

Who will be leading the seminar on Women Who Bench?

Only Bench Royalty and Experts in their fields! … Australian Bench Press Athletes and Coaches,
Multi Australian and Oceania Record Holders, Women who are passionate about Bench Press.
They are experienced in Competition from Local Club Level to the bright lights of the International Stage Level, as well as Para Powerlifting to Able Body Powerlifting!

Hani Watson. Hannah Altman. Jill Cox.

This event is also supported by Simon Bergner Strength Coach
Commonwealth Games Coach

and Samtek Australia

Tickets are limited, so get in quick!


Where can you purchase the tickets?

Right Here!