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I have been in the fitness industry since 2006, specialising in training the female body and mind…

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My training philosophy consists of 3 Pillars to an athlete’s Success: Training, nutrition and most important, yet least considered: the mind. This flawless holistic system not only creates physical change in my clients but forms new sustainable habits around food, training and lifestyle.

This passion to change people’s lives through my profile as an international level powerlifter draws on my expertise as an athlete who severely under ate as a body builder on only 800 calories and hitting rock bottom with a marriage break down, depression, anxiety, insecurity, failing health from adrenal fatigue, insomnia, underactive thyroid and nutrient depleted from living on 7 meals of fish and broccoli. I had developed orthorexia but then also binge eating because I lived in the world of a perfectionism and all or nothing mentality.

I am a living testimony that you can rise to the top through determination, education and hard work. Powerlifting has taught me how to let go of perfectionism, how to fail faster, to be ok with feedback (sometimes interpreted as criticism) and how to be strong from the inside out.


As an athlete I continue to do Australia proud as our current Silver World medalist in bench, Commonwealth, Asia/Oceania and Australian record holder for Bench Press at 107.5kg in the 63kg weight class.

Kim Stevenson Silver Medal Kim Stevenson 145kg Deadlift Kim Stevenson 107.5kg bench Kim Stevenson 125kg Squat

I have represented Australia at;

Selected for 2018 Worlds Classic Bench

2017 World Powerlifting championships- Gold in Bench

2017 Pacific Invitational 1st place women

2015 Commonwealth Powerlifting championships- Gold in bench Bronze all 3 lifts

2014 Oceania and Asia Powerlifting championships- Gold in bench


I hope that in some way, shape or form I can inspire you to have an empowered relationship with yourself, your training, your food and those that you love around you.

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